Frequently Asked

What is a Remote Session?

A Remote Session is just like one of our regular healing sessions, but done at a distance. This means you can enjoy all the benefits of an in-person session from the comfort and convenience of your own home!

What clients have to say after their remote session:

“I am happier overall.  I am falling asleep much faster and I wake up less.  Thanks for the peace of mind.”  Jason C.

“I have noticed an increase in overall energy and general well-being which has continued now for 2 weeks.”  Dea C.

“My energy level was up.  I also felt lighter in spirit.  It was a very gratifying session.”   Kathleen N.

How does it work?

We’ve devoted several weeks to designing and testing remote techniques to ensure they work just as effectively as in-person sessions.  While not all of the techniques translate well to remote work (we will not be offering Bio-Dynamic Craniosacral remotely), Emotional Balancing and Muscle Tuning® are perfectly suited to it.

Sessions we can do remotely:

What is a remote session like?

At the time of your appointment we will connect via Zoom to discuss your situation and which type of session you are interested in.  Based on our conversation I may recommend one specific type of session over another.  We will then work together to identify, clear and balance your energy using techniques specific to the type of session we have.   You will be provided with guidance and visual aids so you can fully participate in the session.  Please return to our FAQ’s for more detail on what’s involved for each type of session.

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