Frequently Asked

What is Muscle Tuning®?

Muscle Tuning® wakes up your brain/body connection. With better neuro-muscular communication muscles work better – they respond quicker and are stronger.  Using biofeedback from your own body to guide us, you’ll gain strength, flexibility and range of motion in just one session.  Everything is easier when your muscles work better!

How does it work?

A variety of techniques, including acupressure points, neuro-lymphatic and and neuro-vascular reflex points, are used to activate and balance your muscles and relieve muscle tension.

If you are sedentary to moderately active, Muscle Tuning® will help you become more “functionally fit” and perform everyday movements more easily.

If you are an athlete or weekend warrior Muscle Tuning® will help you hit your fitness targets faster and easier.

Charles T. Krebs, co-author of the groundbreaking textbook “Energetic Kinesiology: Practices and Principles”, has this to say about Muscle Tuning®:

“Very few athletes actually operate at 100 percent of their potential. This is because of factors that block the full expression of that potential and which are largely subconscious in origin. Using direct muscle biofeedback or muscle testing, these factors can be rapidly assessed and then corrected using the same muscle biofeedback, eliminating blocks to performing at your Peak/Best.
Many factors directly affect our performance, for instance, various automatic reflexes that operate outside of our conscious awareness often compromise our performance outcomes.  However, these “hidden factors” can be easily and quickly assessed for integrity of function, and re-integrated using seemingly simple manual techniques. “

What is a remote session like?

We will connect via Zoom and you will actively put your limbs in specific positions designed to isolate and contract specific muscles.  You will then move your limbs through their range of motion.  Using biofeedback, we will determine which muscles need to be “switched on”.  Then, with guidance and visual aids, you will apply the corrective technique on yourself.  For example, you may be asked to massage an acupressure point, or lightly touch reflexes on your head.  We will then use biofeedback to ensure the imbalance has been resolved.

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