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Simple Practices to Nourish Body, Mind and Soul

At Earth Dragon Healing we encourage you to be an active partner in your wellness journey.  Here you will find tips and ideas that will help you balance your energy, reduce physcial and/or emotional discomfort and increase your zest for life!


Foot Reflex-Point Massage

Use this quick and easy foot massage when your feet are tired and your energy is dragging.
These special points on your feet are called gait reflex points.  When the muscles involved in walking aren’t working cooperatively together,  these points can become tender, and walking becomes tiring instead of invigorating.  Massaging these points will refresh your feet and increase your energy level.

Three Ways to Release Stress and Anxiety 

Donna Eden is among the world’s most sought, most joyous, and most authoritative spokesperson for Energy Medicine.  Her abilities as a healer are legendary.  In this short Youtube video follow along as Donna shares 3 fast, simple and easy techniques from ancient energy healing and spiritual practices that almost instantly reduce stress and anxiety!



Feeling Scared or Anxious?  Trace Your Meridians!

Your energy is distributed throughout your body along meridian lines.   It’s these meridians that acupuncturists tap into with their tiny little needles to re-balance your energy and assist your body in self-healing.

Happily, there’s no need for needles in this self-care approach.  Simply trace the fingertips of one hand about an inch or two above the body.   Trace each meridian a minimum of three times.  Remember to trace each meridian on both sides of your body – left and right.

You will get your best results if you focus on taking long, slow, deep and even breaths while doing the tracing.

Triple Warmer Meridian

This meridian is associated with our fight or flight response.  Trace this meridian any time you feel anxious.  Start at the nail bed of your ring finger, ending at your temple.

Bladder Meridian

The bladder is said to be the storehouse of emotions – in particular fear and anxiety.   Trace this meridian by starting at your eyebrows, go over your head, all the way down you legs and along the side of your foot, ending at the tip of your baby toe.

Kidney Meridian

The Kidney meridian is the partner of the Bladder meridian, and is also associated with fear and anxiety.  Start on the bottom of your foot and trace up your leg ending at your collar bone.



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