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A Unique Approach

At Earth Dragon Healing you are an active partner in your own wellness.  This means you are always in charge.  We are here to help you discover your own wellness journey and to assist you on your path – whatever you (and your body) determine that to be.   We love to give you self-care tips to use between sessions, and we encourage you to continue to use them once your sessions with us are completed.

All sessions are conducted in the deepest respect of the wisdom that tells us:

  • Your body responds to the environment around you.
  • Your body knows how to self-regulate and self-heal.
  • Every part of your body is connected.
  • Your body’s structure and function are inter-related and cannot be separated.
  • You are a combination of body, mind and spirit.

How We Do It 

We use a variety of energy healing disciplines at every session, depending on your needs at the time.  Every session is unique – just like you.   These disciplines help to activate the natural healing processes in your body to restore your physical and emotional well-being.  You are welcome to take advantage of our unique approach, or you can choose to use only one discipline per session.  The choice is yours.

Our Disciplines

Muscle Tuning ™

If you have tightness, discomfort or pain, or want to break through your fitness plateau BE TUNED!  Muscle Tuning™ wakes up your brain/body connection.    With better neuro-muscular communication muscles work better – they respond quicker and are stronger.  Using biofeedback from your own body to guide us, you’ll gain strength, flexibility and range of motion in just one session.  Everything is easier when your muscles work better!

Touch for Health

A holistic energy balancing system combining the ancient wisdom of  the east with modern  principles from the west.  Great for improving posture, enhancing strength and reducing physical and emotional stress and pain, a few sessions will help you regain and maintain optimal wellness.

** Both Muscle Tuning and Touch for Health use a technique called Muscle Monitoring to identify and release stressors in the body.  Learn more about Muscle Monitoring.

Bio-Dynamic Craniosacral 

Gentle, soul-based and profound, it reduces stress, releases tension and restores function by supporting the health of the whole body, especially the nervous system.  The body is gently supported – no manipulation or pressure is used.  With this approach, the changes come from within.  The techniques assist the body in bringing itself back into balance and can be useful in addressing injuries, migraines and emotional blocks.


Working with the seven energy centres in the body, Reiki is a stress reduction technique that activates the natural healing processes of the body, restoring physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  When your energy is low you are more likely to get sick or feel stress.  When your energy is high you are more capable of being happy and healthy.  Reiki creates many beneficial effects including feelings of peace, security and well-being.




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