My Clients Say the Nicest Things!

“I’ve received Reiki, Shamballa, and Sound Healing from Laurie. She’s a gifted healer. Laurie approaches each session with thoughtfulness and concern for what I as a client bring to the table and want to heal. I have experienced everything from relief for a sore throat and ear infection to a profound shift in my whole energy system during healings with Laurie. I always leave a session with her feeling as though blocks to forward progress have been removed.”

Melissa S.

Touch for Health “was quite an experience for me.  I couldn’t believe how good I felt driving home and then being able to walk up the stairs without wincing in pain from my pulled ham-string.  Who would have guessed that changes could be made to the way I feel with so little effort on my part!”

Sheila S.

“After my Touch for Health treatment with Laurie, my sleep improved by releasing some of the things I kept dwelling on and helped to reduce the cramping I’ve been having in my calves. Her Stress Release Massage did just that, released my stress and over the next few days the tension in my jaw was gone. While she was doing the massage, I nearly fell asleep a couple of times, I’ve never done that with a regular massage. I was very pleased with the treatments and plan to do them again.”

Marg R.

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